Record Book and World Hunting Awards Member Update

Update from Larry Higgins, Record Book Committee Chairman

Over the past couple of years, the Record Book (RB) Committee has been busy updating species and awards to keep up with new information and member requests. We are proud to have documented more than 192,000 entries in the SCI Record Book of Big Game Animals and members can all view the Online Record Book at . The following information is to inform you about some of the changes to help you document your hunting heritage in our Record Book and World Hunting Award (WHA) Program.

  • First Entry Free – This special was brought back to encourage all SCI members to submit their first Record Book entry as a step to documenting their hunting heritage.
  • SCI Life Members receive a 10% discount on all Record Book Products (includes entries, plaques, bronzes and World Hunting Awards).
    • New Life Memberships come with 10 free RB entries and one WHA listing and plaque, and one free Photo Medallion ($800 total value) in addition to the 10% RB discount.
  • Youth Members receive a 50% discount on Record Book and photo entries and World Hunting Award listings.
  • Members who wish to have their name omitted from the Record Book and World Hunting Award Publications can now request to have their entries submitted anonymously. This can be done either on the method form/score sheet or by calling the RB Department. When this option is selected, your name will appear as your unique RB software number online and in our publications.
  • A new category was opened for European species that are hunted under free range conditions.   For members who wish to have their free-range entries reclassified into the new Free-Range category please contact the Record Book Department to request the reclassification.

World Hunting Awards changes:

  • The SCI European 25 Milestone Award was created to recognize free range species taken in Europe.  Twenty-five free range European species must be taken to achieve this award with a rifle and 15 with a bow.  Please contact the Record Book Department to have European species reclassified from the estate category to the new free-range category.
  • Two Continental Awards can be substituted for one Milestone Award with a maximum of four Continental Awards being used to substitute for two Milestones.
  • Lastly, the Record Book Committee just approved the acceptance of the Alternative Methods Milestone and the Multiple Methods Inner Circle to count toward the cumulative awards (Fourth Pinnacle of Achievement through the World Conservation and Hunting Award).


  • SCI Measuring forms and the SCI Measuring Manual has been updated and are available for download for free on the Record Book webpage.
  • SCI members can easily become official measurers by taking an online measuring course.
  • Web certifications available for members having difficulty certifying a Top 20 Record Book entry
  • Measuring forms are available at:

Coming soon — Guide/Outfitter promotion allowing guides and outfitters to submit their client’s entries and use the Record Book to promote their business.  Would require the purchase of a membership and members could remain anonymous while promoting the guide or outfitter.

All members can submit entries by attaching the method form and photos to the SCI Online Record Book.  Its easy and fast!  Just use your SCI membership number as your username and create a password to get started on our Online Record Book page

For more information, please contact the Record Book Department at (800) 997-0177 or  It will be our pleasure to assist you to document your hunting heritage today!

Happy Hunting!

Larry Higgins, Record Book Committee Chairman

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