Auction conditions

The following auction conditions apply to all online auctions at Royal Nordic Chapter.

At the auction, the highest bid amount placed within the specified time period wins the auction.

Items purchased at Royal Nordic Chapter online auction must be paid within 5 days of the end of the auction. The winner of a given auction will receive a purchase email after the auction period has expired with a link to payment, and it is the buyer’s responsibility to ensure that the specified email address is correct. If no payment is made in a timely manner, The Royal Nordic Chapter is entitled to cancel the purchase and sell the item to another. Buyer has no ownership of goods until they are fully paid including any costs incurred.

Right of withdrawal:
There is no right of withdrawal, which is why all bids/purchases are binding.

Bids submitted shall be binding and may not be withdrawn. Bids in the auction are visible, but the bidder appears only with his or her username and is thus anonymous to other users. Bids submitted in the last 10 minutes automatically lead to an extension of the auction for a further 5 minutes, giving all interested parties the opportunity to bid.

Item descriptions
Royal Nordic Chapter describes all product to the best of its ability and agreement with the supplier of the item. At any minimum prices, the auction will start at the minimum price and it will also be indicated in the description of the goods if there is a minimum price for the item.

Other Disclaimer
The Royal Nordic Chapter reserves the right to cancel, prolong or cancel an auction if external abuse, technical errors or other circumstances which, in the opinion of the Royal Nordic Chapter, so require. Royal Nordic Chapter accepts no responsibility for errors and delays attributable to the customer’s internet connection, computer or software.

Customers’ personal information is handled strictly confidentially and is not disclosed to others.