Donation Agreement

Please use our digital form to make an donation to our chapter. As soon as the donation is received we will review the contract. We may contact you for some additional information or just send it back for signing.

Receiver of donation is:
Sorovej 70
Stenlille 4295
Donor is:
The above-mentioned donor is hereby donating the below mentioned donation free of charge to SCI-RNC when used for sale on auctions arranged by the club or lotteries or when used as a prize in SCI-RNC recruit campaign or similar arrangements. By donating to the RNC the outfitter confirms that he/she is not in any way involved in the breeding or offering of Captive Bred Lions or any other unethical practices.

Donation is a 100 % donation. If the donation is meant solely for an auction item, and if the value exceeds Euro 3350, it can be arranged so that 50% of the amount received at the auction for the particular item, is issued to the donator. Notice that the donation must always include VAT. The donator will receive the amount 30 day before the hunt or after the acquirer of the item have received the item.

Please contact SCI-RNC if you/your company wish to use this possibility.

"The acquirer" is the person who acquires or takes over the present donation through buying at an auction, as a prize in a lottery, reception of a prize or any other transfer from SCI-RNC.
Please state the numbers of all spices
That can be bought and their price
Days/ Nights
If other please explain bellow
The outfitter also confirms that the value of the donation represents the true value of the donation, which is offered for direct or indirect sale at a lower price than indicated.
Name and address of the donor's co-operators in connection with the hunt/fishing:
The following is included in the donation
If you tick off in the box with "No", the costs for the particular case has to be estimated. However, this does not apply for plane, hotel and tips.
Add the cost for the spices not incl. bellow
The donor is obligated to enclose a copy of his general terms of sales and deliveries and to enclose a copy of the supply material, which the donor usually applies for the hunting/fishing expedition in question.
It is possible for the acquirer to hand over the acquired hunting/fishing expedition to any person, who is fulfilling the necessary conditions for participating in such an expedition, as long as the donor is informed of the transfer within a reasonable time before the start of the expedition. The person, who has received the expedition from the acquirer, has joint and several liability with the acquirer regarding payment of possible amounts and costs that may occur because of the transfer.
Above mentioned donor and below mentioned acquirer hereby individually accept that the acquirer in all respects enters the present donation agreement. The donor and the acquirer therefore individually accept that SCI-RNC does not have a share in the present agreement, much less in the hunting/fishing arrangement itself from the time where the donated hunting/fishing expedition is handed over to the acquirer of SCI-RNC. In these circumstances, the donor and the acquirer acknowledge that they - no matter what - are unable to make any demands including claim for compensation or similar towards SCI-RNC on the occasion of the actions of the donor or the acquirer, the completion of the hunting/fishing expedition or other.
At any time prior to the transfer, SCI-RNC is entitled to terminate the present donation agreement without prior warning with a written notice to the donor.
Reference list from at least 3 hunters from the last season.
The present donation agreement is governed by Danish law in all respects. Legal venue for any disagreements that may arise is Copenhagen city court.
SCI - RNC Signature
Following acquirer hereby enters directly into the present donation agreement while SCI-RNC resigns
Acquirer Signature
When I as acquirer at the same time partly pays a cash deposit of minimum 25% of my auction bid, partly obligates myself to pay the amount of
remaining amount
which represent the remaining amount up to my full auction bid within 10 working days from today to SCI-RNC.