Reindeer in Setesdal Austhei and Bratfjell-Vindeggen

Nordic Chapter contribute with NOK 20.000, to a new reindeer project in Setesdal Austhei and Brattfjell-Vindeggen.

New reindeer project in Setesdal Austhei and Brattefjell-Vindeggen

The week before Easter, there was a constitutive meeting concerning the upcoming reindeer project that we are supporting. The project use GPS transmitters, some with camera. Many implicated had met at Norsk Villreinsenter Sør at Skinnarbu from the municipal area around the reindeer areas. The meeting took place as planned even if the marking of the female reindeer’s has been delayed with one year due to the ice problems they experienced with similar radio transmitters in Nordfjella.

Lack of knowledge about the reindeer’s use of forest graze

The participants learned about the common problems following by this new GPS project and the various sub projects. The background in general is that one lacks knowledge about the reindeer’s pasture changes and the reindeer grazing in the woods. One stated sub-goal is to acquire knowledge of the use of graze beneath the forest boundary. Furthermore, the problem is linked to the activity and the road at Bjørnevatn between Valle and Tokke centrally in that area. Here it is a matter of taking care of a vulnerable reindeer migration. Another goal for Setesdal Austhei is to create an arena for users of heiane attached to Heiplanen (common regional plan for Setesdal Austhei and Setesdal Vesthei), this is about continuous dissemination of knowledge.

Summarized the overall goal for Brattefjell-Vindeggen is: “What is the sustainable reindeer population of such a mountain area?”.