High volume dove hunting package for 4 hunters Cordoba , Argentina

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Argentina bird hunts is donating a 5 nights/ 4 day high volume dove hunting package in Cordoba, Argentina, Lodge Peumayen, Zona Rural Las Gramillas Cordoba, Argentina 5133.

Guideing 1:1. Dove season is All Year around, ant the donation is valid for 2021 and 2022. Price for non-hunters, who are not included in the donation is $ 1,150.00. The precise dates for completing the hunting expedition must be determined 90 days prior to the hunt. Airport for arrival and departure Cordoba, Argentine.

The “Eared Dove” known as Paloma or Torcaza in Argentina is very similar in size to its North American cousin the Mourning Dove, with the distinct difference that the Eared Dove has a squared tail rather than the pointed tail of the Mourning Dove.

These birds are considered a nuisance in Argentina. In some areas they destroy 30 to 60% of the annual crops of Sunflower, Sorghum, Wheat, Corn and Soybeans. Their numbers reach into the tens of millions which is the reason why there is no closed season or bag limits so hunters are welcome to come and shoot all they desire.

Due to the astronomical number of these birds it is common for a hunter to fire anywhere between 1,000 to 1,500 rounds in a single day. In some cases we have had guest shoot over 6,000 rounds in a day. The shooting opportunities are clearly endless from sunrise to sunset.

The lodge is located in some of the finest hunting areas northeast of the province of Cordoba, Argentina. It is located approximately one hour drive from the airport in Cordoba.

Upon your arrival in Cordoba in the morning, you will be greeted by a English speaking host who will help you with your luggage and guide you through customs. Then it is off to the lodge, where you will enjoy a great lunch followed by your first afternoon of High Volume Dove Shooting.

Once you are done for the day you will return to the lodge to enjoy drinks, appetizers and a scrumptious dinner. The next three days you will start your mornings with a breakfast of choice and then a short drive out to the dove fields. Depending on the time of year and crop harvest the hunting areas may be just outside of the lodge door or up to a 30 minute drive away. Around noon you will have the choice of returning to the lodge for lunch and maybe a siesta, or you may choose to spend the day out in the field and enjoy an Argentinian BBQ known as an “Asado”.

Your bird boy will accompany you throughout the entire day, supplying you with shells, cold drinks and snacks while also counting your birds as you shoot them down.

As your hunt comes to a close, you will have one last great morning of shooting followed by an amazing lunch and then you will proceed to the airport for your trip home.

Hunter must prepay for Shells $ 1,350, License fee $ 375, Gun Rental $ 350, Transfers Fee $ 150, before 30 day prior to travel date. To Book hunt a Deposit of $1,000 to hold dates. Tips are $ 50 per/bird Boy , $ 50 for Lodgestaff. Can Upgrade for Ducks & Pigeon. Flights we can recommend Travel agent.


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