Critics of the hunting community often say that hunters should just contribute money and not go kill anything. Fact is, we often do exactly that.

True hunting never has a guaranteed outcome, and sucess rate can vary greatly. But, additonally, we contribute enormous sums of money annually via events such as the Safari Club International convention, held every year in February.

This well-attended event has generated millions of dollars thus far via enterance fees, memberships, auctions, raffels, sales, donations and sponsorships. Money that funds scientific studies, community projects, educatuion efforts , anti-poaching patrols, and so much more.

Money that is contributed locally by all patcipants, but distributed globally. Much of which did not involve killing any animals, but via its acknowledgement of the importance of well-regulated sustainable use of wildlife, protects habitat that permits so many other animals to live.

Annually and over the span of muliple decades. The result of this efforts are tangible and commendable.

Looking forward to see as many as possible of you in Nashville.

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