Airline Firearms Carriage Policies

Every airline has a different policy regarding the carriage of firearms in checked baggage. Some allow multiple firearms in a gun case and others do not. Some require advance notice, including specific information about your firearm, others simply will accept the firearm upon check-in. Some charge a handling fee for firearms, others include it in your free baggage allowance.
While for instance TSA in the United States may allow you to pack firearms and ammunition in the same bag or gun case, your airline or your connecting airline may not. Some airlines do not accept any firearms for carriage. Others will not transfer firearms to a different airline you may be connecting with.
For these reasons it is crucially important that you check the policies of each airline you are traveling with. SCI members can access a list of airlines that accept firearms as baggage and links to the policies stipulated on their websites.
If you are an SCI member just login to the SCI website and check your airline carrier. If not join us now


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