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Day 2                                                    right side of us. There it was, the sable,standing
                                                               on its knees with straight hind legs gasping for

       The camp is both peaceful and beautiful and the         air. The sable is a big and tough animal, it wasn’t
       lodge isn’t surrounded by any fence. Outside            enough with the first shot, so it required another
       our bedroom windows we could see roan                   one. A quick shot was fired and it laid down
       antelope’s living in their natural habitat. After       instantly.
       breakfast our backpacks were packed and we
       went out in the area to shoot in our rifles to          This was truly an amazing feeling. To get a sable
       make sure nothing had happened to the them              on our first hunting day was almost difficult to
       during the flight.                                      grasp and we felt so lucky. After the hunting we
                                                               returned back to the lodge where a great lunch
       And then the hunting and walking began. We              with local game meat was served.
       had earlier in the morning seen the sable, and
       that was our main goal to hunt during the trip.         Day 3
       When we went through bushes and terrain, we
       managed to stumbled upon five buffalos.                 Our hunting trip takes place in May 2022, the
       Buffaloes are powerful and potentially very             weather at this time in South Africa is winter so

       dangerous animals to whom we feel great                 you can expect cold weather. But for us two
       respect and we decided to quickly depart from           Swedish guys who are used to cold weather it
       our planned footpath. Our PH told us we                 was a pleasant climate. The temperature during
       needed to quickly get as far away from the              daytime is around 20 degrees Celsius.
       buffalo’s as possible and made sure to have             During this day it was Carl’s time to shoot a
       permanent supervision so they wouldn’t come             common springbuck. Carl is an experienced
       following us. We choose another path over a hill        hunter and has shot a lot of different animals,
       and 200 meters away we came across a whole              from buffalo in South Africa to black bear in
       herd of Sable antelope. We started our cautious         Canada. For Carl this is a new species which he
       stalking to get closer for a shot between the           has not hunted before and was very happy to
       bushes. At first, we didn’t see the big male but        start out with. Not long after starting he managed
       after further stalking, we got a sight of him,          to get an opportunity and took it.
       standing 50 meters from the big herd, under a           During the evening the sable that was shot the
       tree barely visible. We stood completely still and      day before was served for dinner. We were
       waited for him to move since there were                 sitting on the patio with each cold Castle Light.
       branches in the way and no clear view, but the          The climate during evenings is noticeably colder
       sable didn’t move an inch. After ten minutes of         so the bonfire felt warming and nice. Later during
       waiting, we chose to try to get closer in order to      this evening, we decided to go on a night hunt

       take a shot, but suddenly a clear sight emerged.        and Carl got the opportunity to shoot an African
       Dag fired the shot with his Remington 700awr            wildcat in the dark. Later we went back to the
       .300 Win Mag. He could hear the bullet hit the          lodge to recharge ourselves with some sleep
       target but lost sight of the game after the shot.       and prepare for a new upcoming hunting day.
       Both Carl and our PH called “GC” looked with
       smiles upon their faces and said it was a good          Day 4
       hit. They could see the sable’s big body reacting
       to the shot but also that he went running behind        We were on the hunt for a Golden Gemsbuck. At
       a hill. Directly we all hurried to the location of      the moment we couldn’t spot any but Carl once
       the shot and continued in the direction the sable       again had hunting fortune so he was able to
       ran. The PH and Dag had their focus straight            shoot a Copper Springbuck during the morning.
       ahead but Carl tapped Dag on the shoulder and           Time passed and soon it was afternoon and we
       pointed to the side, approximal 40 meters to the        spotted a Golden Gemsbuck. The coolest of
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