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Dag Rockström and Carl AJ Engström are two               hunting rifles, Remington 700awr .300 Win Mag
       Swedish guys in their late 30’s with great              and Husqvarna model 1900 .300 Win Mag, had
       passion for hunting. They’ve been travelling            arrived at OR Tambo International Airport,
       together around the world and have had some             Johannesburg.

       pretty amazing hunting trips. Finally, the time for      We were picked up at the airport by a staff
       travelling again post Covid-19 had come and             member from Marupa Safaris and started our
       they decided to go back to South Africa for new         journey by car with destination Kalahari Sands
       adventures with the goal of shooting a sable.           Lodge, located in the Northern cape Province
       Through a donation to SCI Royal Nordic                  between Kimberley and Douglas, approximately
       Chapter, Dag came in contact with Pieter                five hours drive from Johannesburg. During the
       Viviers and Marupa Safaris.                             drive the car broke down and we were stranded
                                                               on the highway, but rescue came after some
       Day 1                                                   time and we could eventually arrive at the newly
                                                               built base camp. A welcome dinner was served
       We left from Stockholm, Sweden with a long              and a good night’s sleep awaited. We were
       flight ahead of us but filled with excitement since     looking forward to tomorrow’s first hunting day.
       this was our first hunting trip abroad in two
       years. Arriving at O.R. Tambo International
       Airport, Johannesburg we had a rough start, the
       airline had lost a part of our luggage during our
       transfer in Germany. Luckily for us our two

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