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Lederen by Nils-Ole Stubberud

     Dear members,                                            It is crucial that we support the hunting industry
                                                              around the world. Face it, absent SCI,
     FACE recently launched its new Biodiversity              international hunting today would not be what it
     Manifesto, which is Europe’s first evidence-based        is. SCI was the impetus that expanded global
     platform showing how Europe’s hunters conserve           hunting into a major industry and SCI is here to
     biodiversity.                                            help keep that proud tradition alive.
                                                              Many of the guides and outfitters around the
     The substantial and growing database of over             world have suffered tremendously from the
     470 hunting-related conservation projects shows          pandemic, which literally halted most, if not all,
     the importance of hunters’ efforts within and            hunting in many areas around the world.

     outside protected areas, on a variety of different
     habitat types and species.                               The way all members can help hunting overall,
                                                              and guides and outfitters directly, is to go hunting.
     We now have strong evidence to show how                  As the world opens up, go on that dream hunt. It
     hunters are successfully implementing the EU             is a way for each member individually to do
     Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and make a crucial        something that is enjoyable and that will help our
     contribution to habitats restoration, protected          friends and colleagues, the guides and outfitters,
     areas, species monitoring and much more.                 get back on an even keel.

     But the future of hunting and conservation is            SCI’s real strength is its membership. When we
     under threat.                                            all work together toward common goals, we can
                                                              achieve great things. And saving hunting while
     Bird hunting, habitat for game, large carnivore          conserving wildlife are great things.
     management, Europe’s hunting cultures, and our
     incentives to conserve nature are at risk from           Regardless of what you do between now and

     problematic policy-making.                               next February, plan to attend the SCI Convention
                                                              on February 22-25, 2023 in Nashville,
     Sign now to urge Brussels’ policymakers to work          Tennessee. We’re looking forward to having a
     with hunters not against!                                great time in Music City.


                     Sign Now!

     For the past couple of years, international hunting
     has been hamstrung by everything from
     quarantines to interrupted air travel. This is the
     time to break out and begin the trip back to
     “normalcy,” whatever that means to each
     member. We hunters are at our best when we are

     hunting and when we are fighting anti-hunters.
     This means that now is the time to be out                                 Nils-Ole Stubberud
     hunting, to be planning a hunt, or both.              - 3 -       President Royal Nordic Chapter
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