P. 13

Our great PH Pieter and PH GC that we                    lunch so with just a snickers in our stomachs the
       developed a friendship with proposed to visit a         whole crew consisting of Dag, Carl, Pieter and

       friend to them who lives 1,5-hour drive from the        GC started the hike by foot. The terrain was
       Kalahari camp in order to get a better chance of        mountainous and a bit higher elevation then
       securing the remaining game.                            earlier. But then we could spot the white
                                                               Springbuck on a 500 meters distance. We went
       After an early breakfast the cars were ready for        closer and closer, but for every 100 meter we got
       us and time for departure. We arrived and the           closer the Springbuck went 100 meters away.
       plan was to drive to the area and then hike from        Dag and GC gave up and decided to head back
       there. But there had been a lot of rain and the         to the car. But Carl and Pieter wanted to try to
       main road was muddy, we had to drive by the             continue to stalk. An hour later a distant shoot
       side of the road but suddenly the car sank into         could be heard far away. One minute later the
       mud. We were stuck and it was impossible to             phone rang, Pieter was overjoyed, they had
       move the car, we tried the car’s winch, shovels         found the white Springbuck, it was done and we
       and four of us strong men tried to push it, but         went to pick them up.
       the wheels were just spinning. Our bad luck with
       cars was haunting us, we couldn’t get the car           When we all meet up, we celebrated that Carl

       out of the mud.                                         now had shot the total amount of three
                                                               springbuck during this entire hunting trip. We felt
       Carl, Dag and Pieter decided to leave the car           a great desire to also find the black Springbuck
       problem behind and head out to start the search         to complete the Grand Slam. Time was running
       for the white Springbuck. Two and a half hours          up; it was only a few hours before it would be
       later, 32 degrees Celsius, no sight of any              dark. We decided to give it a try, we really
       springbuck we returned to the car very tired and        wanted to achieve the Grand Slam. We drove
       thirsty from the heat. Standing in the shade of a       back to the area where our hike had begun on
       tree drinking water we could hear the distant           the property to give it a try again and started
       sound of a tractor. Our salvation was arriving!         walking in the opposite direction than before.
       After 45 minutes we were able to get the car
       unstuck and our journey could continue.                 The terrain was more open and, on a distance,
                                                               we could see a big herd of sixty game animals
       We arrived at the destination where the white           that looked like common springbuck. But when
       Springbuck had been seen. The consequence               we had a closer look in the binoculars, we
       of the delay was that we didn’t have time for           spotted two big black males in the group. We did

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