Kjøp et rabattert medlemskap i SCI

Why, and how to join SCI

“SCI is proactive in protecting my hunting rights, and the annual convention gives me exposure to many outfitters and sources for my hunting and fishing trips.”

“SCI is the best proactive hunting, conservation and educational organization in the world. It not only emphases local, state and national, but also international.”

“I believe it is the responsible thing to do as a member of the hunting community: Support organizations that protect wildlife conservation and hunting.”

“Free record book entry/ entry’s. The Record Book Committee officially approves the score and ranking of each entry. At no time should a score be considered or advertised as an SCI official score until it has been officially ranked in the SCI Record Book. “

“All SCI members in a good standing can be a member of our chapter. Royal Nordic Chapter don’t charge any member ship fee.

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