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By: Kostiantyn Brychuk

Vice-President of SCI Ukrainian Chapter,

SCI Master-Measurer of hunting trophies,

Captain of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
6/8 Tsytadelna Str., Kyiv, 01015, UKRAINE
Cell: +38(095)655-1155 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)

During these 279 days of Russian terror, US and Europe paid a high price, which is measured by the slowdown of the economy and the loss of a lot of money for armaments of Ukraine, but you must understand: Ukraine also pays a huge price for its freedom, which is measured by the blood of our soldiers and civilians – women and children, who die every day under the shelling of Russian missiles in peaceful cities! Today, 30% of the territory of Ukraine is “contaminated by the war” – and many years after our joint Victory in this war, we will need to demine our territory, rebuild roads and cities that were completely destroyed by the Russians!

Because Ukrainians are brave and stable people who have been fighting for their statehood for more than a thousand years since the days of Kyivan Rus (9th century), Zaporizhzhya Sich (17th century), and the Ukrainian People’s Republic (19th century). We know how to fight and we know how to defend ourselves. And today we have extremely important friends – all of you, my dear American and European Friends! The whole civilized world supports Ukraine in our struggle, and we know and feel it, and appreciate it immensely

– I want you all to know about it! Ukrainians are a kind and grateful people who deserve your support and deserve to stand in line with the EU and NATO states. You will never regret it.

Is it difficult for Ukrainians today? Yes, it is extremely difficult for us! I am writing to you at a time when 50% of the houses in Kyiv – our capital – do not have electricity and drinking water, our communications have been damaged by Russian rocket attacks. Our soldiers lack winter clothes, weapons and equipment. We urgently need modern aircraft, tanks and even more long-range artillery, which will speed up our offensive against the Russian army and allow us to completely liberate our land from the Russian invaders. 

 I want to thank all of you once again for your kind words and support for Ukraine in these difficult times. I am sure that we will remember these crazy days many years from now and will tell our children and grandchildren how “global good” defeated “russian evil”. I believe in this and I ask you also not to forget about Ukraine and our soldiers who protect the borders of all of Europe…

Dear friends, I am grateful to each of you and I wish you all good health and hunting luck.

If you have the desire and opportunity to help the Ukrainian soldiers, you can do it, Details are as follows:

PayPal account:

WesternUnion transfer on my name: KOSTIANTYN BRYCHUK 

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