European 25

Now available in the webshop.

The European 25, contain more than 100 color photos of the biggest free range European trophy’s measured by SCI.

Safari Club International is a hunting organization that goes back to 1971. The SCI Record Book Program began in 1975. The SCI Record Book Department was created to document the original member’s hunting harvests as a competition for hunting enthusiasts. Over the years, the Record Book transformed from a Record Book to becoming a resource for SCI members who hunt the world, as well as a networking tool for guides and outfitters. As the Record Book grew and species were hunted and recognized, so did the interest in hunting and pursuing different species worldwide. Guides and outfitters soon learned that the Record Book was a marketing tool that would help bring international hunters to their area and promote their business to a new network of hunters. The SCI World Hunting Award Program was created as a way of challenging hunters to hunt more species in different parts of the world. Today, the SCI Record Book & World Hunting Awards Program is one of the most recognized authorities in the international hunting world. The species recognized in the SCI Record Book have an increased demand for international hunters which has in turn sparked conservation programs worldwide as a way of protecting and conserving species of wildlife and protecting their habitat for future generations.

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