Real Conservation

The Béla Hidvégi Hunttrophy Foundation has been founded in 2013, originally to help other Hunting Organizations in some projects. One of the main reasons was to give scholarships in the faculties of Game Management in Universities. Finally to protect his collections from being taken apart after his death, and in one word to look after his heritage.

„My Foundation carried on a unique work from 2019, the work we have started a year ago with Ivan Carter and with Mark Haldene in the Coutada 11 Hunting Block in Mozambique. This unique concept is to educate locals and make them work and not only wait for outside donations. The idea is to supply villages with about 10 bee-hives each, let them get the bees occupy the hives, look after them, take as much honey as the village requires and the rest to give back us. That we sell on the open market to finance of our Anti – Poaching activities in the region. The hives beeing delivered to the villages, my Foundation has supplied already 70 hives. We have made a special iron burning tool which we were are using to burn my Foundation Logo to each of the 70 hives we have delivered to Zambezi Delta Safaris in Mozambique. I have taken the Vice President of my Foundation and a filmcrew to film all the projects of Anti Poaching, meat supply and the special honey project we are involved. There is a 5 part film made for us and for our surrounding countries, already shown in 4 countries. Separately an English version edition is made of 30 minutes restricted only to our Conservation efforts. Hopefully we can report next year some good news and results for all of the above projects. The Bela Hidvegi Foundation exhibited the last 13 years in our biggest hunting show, called FEHOVA, which is a big international exhibition, and has 70.000 visitors a year, My Foundation booth shows our involvement in Youth Education, game conservation, funding scholarships in Sopron University and Szent István Egyetem, Gödöllő.”

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