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NEW—Project for Hunting Tourism

by Ben Cassidy, SCI Director of Government Affairs

At the March 2021 Governing Board meeting, LHAS approved a Hunting Tourism Media Advocacy Project in the United Kingdom (UK). This marketing media project will support an initiative with SCI and the Fieldsports Channel. This channel offers the best hunting and shooting journalism on TV and this project will be a collaboration between SCI and the Fieldsports Channel. The UK faces significant challenges with regard to trophy import bans proposed by the House of Lords. If successful, this will severely impact the hunting-tourism industry.

Since 2009, Fieldsports Channel has been producing a weekly TV show about hunting and shooting with established journalists that are well informed and knowledgeable about the benefits of the hunting industry. Fieldsports Channel is well placed to provide the truth about hunting tourism on record in the public domain, which will be impossible for legislators and media to ignore.

The method will be simple. SCI will work with Fieldsports Channel offering materials such as the Myth vs Fact media that SCI has already originated and give it a British voice via TV, written articles, photographs and other social media items across our own platforms.

For an example of the value of this kind of LHAS investment you can look at the work SCI carried out in 2020 for the Pro-Hunting Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

LHAS is excited to assist in this endeavor and we will keep you posted on the project progress in future editions of The Advocate.

In 2019 Ben Cassidy was named SCI’s Di-rector of Government Affairs.

Ben oversees SCI’s Government Relations, Legal Advocacy and International Affairs Departments.

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