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Now its digital it’s definitely worth it, you can also download the first 3 issues of the year for free to check it out.

To introduce you to African Outfitter, please visit their website and download for FREE the first 3 digital copies of 2020. Unfortunately, they could not produce a May/Jun 2020 issue due to the dreaded lockdown.

Click here

Choose the magazine you want to download, proceed to checkout as if you are going to buy it.

At checkout click the Promo code button and enter one of the codes below:

·        Jan/Feb 2020 issue – AOintro001

·        Mar/Apr 2020 issue – AOintro004

·        Jul/Aug 2020 issue – Aojulaug68

You are welcome to share the codes with your friends.

The rates are:

ZAR 250 – 6 issues (1 year)

ZAR 500 – 12 issues (2 years)

ZAR 320 – 12 issues (2 years) – Digital

To, subscribe on the website click here not lose out on an issue. African outfitter now offer 2 convenient payment options:

·        You can do an EFT into our account: African Outfitter Magazine, 4088531067, Code 632005

·        Via our website at and pay conveniently with your credit card.

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