We belive hunting matters!

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What is the Purpose of  our Safari Club International  Chapter?

To further the missions of Safari Club International?

To ensure the future of hunting and wildlife for future generations to participate in and enjoy?

To affect positive change and policy within our countries government and the government’s whose decisions affect your freedom to hunt worldwide?

Raise funds to accomplish the missions of Safari Club International though Conservation, Education, Humanitarian and Advocacy efforts locally and worldwide?

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Protection of your hunting heritage?

Protection of your rights and freedoms?

Documenting your hunting heritage through the SCI Record book?

SCI’s advocacy worldwide?

Wildlife conservation worldwide?

Humanitarian services worldwide?

Education services worldwide?


SCI Europen Advocacy 2019

SCI assisted European Chapter leaders to advise their CITES delegations on SCI’s positions pro-sustainable use positions for the CITES Conference of the Parties

SCI helped sponsor and participated in two meetings for the EU Parliament that encouraged EU support for  African range country hunting-based conservation and management programs

SCI Assisted our London Chapter in preparing for a UK roundtable on trophy importation and to respond to a DEFRA consultation on potential bans or restrictions on trophy importation

SCI assisted FACE in its efforts to support the development of a new EU Hunting Intergroup in the EU Parliament

SCI Helped members in Poland attempt to oppose ban on youth hunting

SCI assisted BASC (UK Hunting organization) develop its position in opposition to a potential UK trophy importation ban

SCI coordinated with FACE, CIC and other European hunting organizations in European and African hunting advocacy

SCI collaborated with international hunting groups to fight anti-hunters’ attempt to disqualify sustainable use-supporters from membership in the IUCN

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AWCF 17th Annual Wildlife Consultative Forum

SCIF recently hosted the 17th meeting with ZimParks in Victoria Falls. We had over 100 attendees from 12 African nations, easily our biggest and best that I’ve organized. Hon. Minister Ndlovu officially opened the forum. The agenda tackled issues such as trans-frontier conservation areas, community engagement, Botswana’s wildlife reform, import policies, post CoP18 CITES strategy, trends in concession area abandonment in Tanzania, large carnivore research and the broad topic of repositioning trophy hunting. Most importantly as it relates to Europe, the European Commission’s Deputy Head of Multilateral Environmental Cooperation and CITES Scientific Officer presented remotely on case studies for trophy importation into the EU and answered some hard hitting questions regarding the EU’s positions at CITES



SCI Foundation represents Safari Club International and promotes sustainable use of wildlife resources in national and international organizations, including the convention on International Trade in Endangered species (CITES), the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and the African Wildlife Consultative Forum (AWCF).

We all love the outdoors and share the same passion of hunting and wildlife.

We have all made a commitment to do more and give back more for our passion and our sport.

Hunting is under attack and the strength of SCI gives us a powerful weapon to fight.

We belong to SCI to ensure our future generation have the ability to hunt and enjoy wildlife worldwide.

We all share the responsibility of protecting hunting and wildlife worldwide. It is imperative that we do our part to work together  to be successful.


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