Update – Giant Sable project

The Giant Sable bull we equiped with a GPS collar is now named Wilbur. Attached is some pictures of Wilbur.

He’s doing fine. Interestingly they caught him not too far from  one of their largest herds, but he was solo and behaving as typical territorial solitary bull. The following day they tackled the herd, which was accompanied by a different bull – what they usually call herd bull as opposed to territorial bull (Thay are not sure yet if this has much real meaning, and does dominance an territoriality plays with bulls… this is something that fascinates them but at the moment they have more questions than answers!).

In any case, what is clear is that since they left Wilbur, he has been most of the time with the herd, so behaving in their book like the herd bull!


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