Giant sable collaring operation

Bull 91-2

Just a quick update to say that the Capture Operation was a complete success. We collared a total of 9 females in five herds (all five surviving herds in Luando Reserve) and 6 bulls.

We will now ask you to suggest the name for one of the animals carrying a GPS collar! I’m assuming that you will prefer a bull?

In that case, it is four options available, namely nrs 91, 96, 97 and 98.

Bull 91

Bull 91-4

Bull 96

Bull 96-4

Bull 97

Bull 97-2

Bull 98

Bull 98-4

Nrs 91 and 98 and impressive territorial bulls at their prime age (8 and 7 years old). They suspect they have well-established territories and both are in the periphery of the two largest herds, but possibly also overlapping with other territorial bulls. Choosing one of these territorial bulls will likely be a safe choice.

Nrs 96 and 97 are both young bulls, but booth very impressive ones. The first was found on a bachelor group of 7, and the other on a bachelor group of 3. In both cases they were the largest bull. Being on a bachelor group means that they have not yet settled down and may still be a bit unpredictable in movements, and until they decide to form their own territories. As they are both 4 years old, they expect them to establish territory sometime during the next couple years, and they would love to register that moment as this has never been done before. These will be very exciting bulls to follow. However, they may also be risky choices, as these bulls are now over their most critical stage in life, they may be killed by other bulls, roam into uncharted and dangerous territories, and are also more vulnerable to poaching.

Please let us know, and best wishes,
Nordic Safari Club Chapter

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