Donation to Mozambique

NSCC gives 1000 Euro to Mozambique, Coutada 10. Mozambique suffered a big devastation because of a cyclone Idai.

The most affected part of the country was Beira and Marromeu, an extraordinary hunting area where many hunters had fantastic safaris. We think it is time for hunters to give back by helping the local people

NSCC is sending you this request for urgent support, please do your best. Donation to Mozambique

Coutada 10-1

This letter is on behalf of SCI International director Joao Corceiro (Portugal) and Marromeu Safaris  Mozambique. 

As you are aware, Cyclone Idai has caused devastation and misery around the Beira area and inland to our area and the remote villages within our area.  We have about 7000 people in our villages and they are relying on Marromeu Safaris to assist them.  Our agricultural programme is totally destroyed, they have lost all their valuable Maize and Sweet Potato crops, sadly there is nothing left.  All the crops are rotting in the wet flooded fields, their food supplies and their livestock is lost.  Their homes have been damaged, most have no roofs but they are slowly rebuilding.  The roads to their villages have been completely washed away making it a challenge to get supplies to them and consequently they are not able to get to hospitals or other institutions.  As communications are limited with our people, we only get updates sporadically.   Our anti poaching team have also been hit hard, they have lost equipment, motorbikes, bicycles etc as they were caught out on patrol when the Cyclone hit and they left everything to save the elderly and children and get them to higher ground.

We, as the custodians of Coutada 10,  have a big challenge ahead of us in 2019 resettling the people, rebuilding their villages and roads,  re-establishing our Anti Poaching efforts and helping them with the crops .

In this regard Marromeu Safaris is seeking the assistance of SCI for urgent help in the form of the SCI Blue Bags programme.  This would mean that our people would have first aid basic medical supplies which we can deliver to them by helicopter as the Aid Agencies are not able to reach these remote villages by road at this moment.   

Thank you for your consideration and we hope that SCI can assist us with this very urgent request for help.

Coutada 10


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