General Assembly

General Assembly

Nordic chapter convenes for extraordinary general meeting 15.09.2018, at 14.00. We meet at Forsnes Farm in Sweden. For direction take contact true our web site.


We only have one item on the agenda. New articles of association must be adopted in order to comply with SCI’s clauses.

New Articles:


 Article 1. Name and location

The name of the organization is SCI Nordic Safari Club Chapter, hereinafter referred to as ¨NSCC¨ or ¨the organization¨, The organization address is the address of the secretariat which is the address of either the Secretary or the President. The organization has a chapter agreement with Safari Club International (SCI) and follow the bylaws and policies decided by SCI.

Article 2. Mission and Purposes

The organization is a non-profit organization for hunters, with a special interest in international hunting. The organization’s purposes and objectives are:

  • to support Safari Club International (SCI)’s work
  • to protect and promote wildlife conservation globally,
  • to support and promote SCI’s work to ensure future generations’ possibilities to carry out hunting,
  • to work for the benefit of cooperation between Nordic hunting organizations and SCI,
  • to work to improve conditions for hunting, both nationally and internationally, and work for members’ interests in connection therewith,
  • to uphold high ethical standards related to all aspects concerning hunting, and to function as a forum for exchange of experiences among hunters.

Article 3. Members

To become a member, a valid membership with SCI is required and the individual needs to be of good standing, be supportive of the organization’s mission and purposes. A member is considered to be of good standing when all required membership fees and dues are pad. Each member must comply with these bylaws in extension to the SCI bylaws and policies. Members who are clearly against SCI’s purposes or activities can be excluded from membership in the organization.

 Article 4. Fees and Reporting period

The membership fee shall be decided by the General Assembly. In the event that a membership fee is not paid by a member, the organization is entitled to terminate the membership. The organization’s accounting reporting period is 12 months, running from 1st of January to 31st of December.

Article 5. General Assembly

The General Assembly is the organizations highest decision-making forum. The General Assembly shall be held annually before 1st of June. The Board shall give notice of the meeting at least 30 days before the General Assembly, via email and by announcing the agenda on the organization’s website. The agenda for the General Assembly must include the following items:

  1. Election of Chairman.
  2. Chairman’s choice for keeper of the minutes.
  3. Chairman’s reading and the General Assembly’s approval of the agenda.
  4. Election of adjuster of the meeting minutes.
  5. Presentation and approval of the Board report for the previous reporting period.
  6. Presentation of the financial statement for the previous reporting period with income statement and balance sheet with auditor’s endorsement.
  7. Approval of the financial statement for the previous reporting period and net profit.
  8. Discharge of liabilities for the Board
  9. The Board’s presentation of the budget for the current reporting period.
  10. Election of ordinary Board members.
  11. Election of deputy Board members.
  12. Election of auditor and deputy auditor.
  13. Appointment of Election Committee
  14. Matters suggested.
  15. All other business.

Note 1. The General Assembly chooses a chairman to lead the general assembly. The General Assembly has quorum when the meeting is legally convened. The Chairman is responsible for keeping accurate minutes of the matters discussed and the resolutions made at the General Assembly. The Chairman, the keeper of the minutes and the adjuster shall sign the minutes shortly after the General Assembly has been held.

All resolutions are decided by simple majority at the General Assembly by the attending members, with exception for a change to the organization’s bylaws or dissolution of the organization. Motions regarding such can only be moved at a General Assembly when the item has been included in the proposed agenda which is attached to the meeting notice and when at least two thirds of the attending members vote in support of the motion.

Suggestions for the agenda shall be received by the Board no later than 31st of January.

SCI’s official representative has speaking right at the General Assemby but no voting right if the person is not a member of the organization.

Extraordinary Genereal Meetings shall be convened when the Board or one third of the members in the organization have given written request to the Board with indication of the item.

Note 2. Board members are chosen by the General Assembly, normally on a two years term which can be renewed. For the sake of continuity at least two board members shall be board members of the most recent board. The deputy board members are normally chosen for a period of one year.

Article 6. Constitution of the Board

The organization is led by a Board of five (5) members and at least two (2) deputy board members with one president and one vice president. The Board constitutes itself by selecting a president, vice president, possible secretary and treasurer among the Board members at the first Board meeting after the General Assembly. In the event that a Board member leaves the organization as a member, regardless of reason, the respective person is automatically no longer a Board member.

Note 1. In the event that the President leaves before a General Assembly, the Vice President chosen by the Board shall be considered the President in the period until the next General Assembly or until the Board has chosen a new President.

Note 2. Present Deputy board members will step in as acting Board member when a Board member is not functioning in his or her role. Deputy board members replace and act as Board member in the order chosen by the General Assembly.

Article 7. The Board’s Business

The Board shall handle all matters concerning the daily leadership and running of the organization.

The Board can delegate a working committee to handle specific tasks.

The President and the Board, or whom is appointed as proxy represents the organization.

The Board meets following written notice from the President or Vice President, possibly via the Secretary. Notice is given by email.

The Board determines its business. The Board has quorum when the President and at least 2 Board members are present. All decisions needs at least 3 board members support.

Minutes of the Board’s discussions are kept and signed by the Board members who are present at the Board meeting.

Board members, who are not present at the Board meeting, shall note on the Minutes that they have familiarized themselves with the contents.

The Board is responsible for proper use of the organization’s resources.

The Board is not remunerated. Each individual Board member bears own costs such as transport, lost working hours etc. The Board can decide to cover parts of a Board member’s expenses, if a Board member has extraordinary large expenses connected to the Board work. Expense coverage shall take place with due consideration for the financial statement.

The Board decides honorarium for special tasks and expenses.

Article 9. Signing Rules

The organization is signed by the board or the individual authorized by the Board to sign the organization.

Article 10. Dissolution

In the event that the General Assembly resolves to dissolve the organization, the remaining resources shall be transferred to SCI as return of funds to the members cannot take place.


Nordic Chapter board.

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