SCI European Chapters Hold Summit in Spain

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Apr 05, 2016. Enthusiasm was high at SCI’s European Chapter meeting held in Spain on March 19, 2016.  In attendance were SCI members from twelve European countries:  Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Macedonia and the UK.  The SCI Chapters represented at the meeting included the Royal Swedish, Nordic, Central Bulgarian, Central Austrian, Italian, Iberian, Levante, Lusitanian, Balearean and Macedonian Chapters.  SCI’s President Larry Higgins, Director of Membership Nita Mackley, and Director of Litigation Anna Seidman also attended.  The meeting coincided with Cinegetica, an International Hunting and Fishing Show held annually in Madrid.

The members were engaged and eager to hear about SCI’s latest advocacy and communication efforts.  They willingly shared their knowledge, experience and ability to influence their country and EU decision-makers.  The meeting demonstrated that SCI European Chapter leaders have significant connections with members of their governments and Members of the European Union Parliament.  The meeting revealed that, with assistance and information provided by SCI’s Department of Hunter Advocacy, our European Chapters are making good use of their connections to fight anti-hunting efforts in Europe.

Europeans share the fight against anti-hunting interests with hunters worldwide.  Animal rights groups seek to limit or completely shut down some forms of hunting; importation of legally hunted animals; and ownership, use and trade of firearms.  As part of our global advocacy efforts, SCI’s Department of Hunter Advocacy will continue to work with our European Chapters to fight anti-hunting efforts with scientifically supported information on the conservation benefits of hunting and the role that community-based conservation plays in protecting the world’s wildlife.  SCI will continue to work with FACE and other European-based hunting advocacy groups to assist our European Chapters in protecting their hunting rights and opportunities.

SCI’s European Chapters look forward to future meetings to continue the important discussions initiated at the Madrid meeting.  Plans are now being discussed for the date and location of the next gathering.

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