Norwegians Demonstrate Historic Levels of Confidence in Hunters


Oct 11, 2017. According to a recent poll entitled “Nature and Environment Barometer 2017 Norwegians’ Attitudes and Behavior in Nature and Environmental Issues,” the Norwegian people place more trust in hunters than ever in history.

For example, 86 percent of those polled responded that they have fairly good or very good faith that hunting in Norway is exercised in a humane and responsible manner.  The percentage of respondents who demonstrated “very strong confidence” in the humane and responsible manner of hunting increased dramatically from 18 in 2014 to 30 in 2017.

Three out of four northern males expressed positive opinions of hunting.  When respondents were asked generally about their attitude towards hunting, 74 percent stated their feelings were quite or very positive.  This demonstrates the highest such results measured since the poll was conducted in 2008.  The number also shows a six percent increase since the last poll in 2014.

“These are very good numbers for us who work for the hunt to take place in proper shapes,” says Runar Rugtvedt, leader of Norway’s Hunters and Fisheries Federation, who points out that it is in line with the impression they have of the Norwegian hunter.

“We have a managerial responsibility and we take that task seriously. In this way, it is right to say that trust is deserved,” says Rugtvedt.

For additional information, consult the survey report, found in its original Norwegian language at

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